Keep track of all your metrics across services

With Apptics you have one place to track your KPIs, keep your team and stakeholders in the loop, and find the answers to your metric questions

See your key metrics whenever you want, wherever you want

We know metrics questions can come up at anytime so we make it easy to get your answer without having to switch devices or open a million tabs. All of the key metrics you need are just a couple clicks away.

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Shareable Reports for all Your Services

Your reports should show the full picture and Apptics reports make that easy. With access to metrics across all of your services, you can compare things like pageviews, ad spends and follower signups all in one place. We also make it easy to share them with colleagues or get notifications on updates to those reports.

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Notifications for the metrics that matter

For those metrics that you want to check regularly, we can send you weekly or daily reports so you can stay up to date. We'll send you emails in a clean and shareable email that can be forwarded on to teammates, clients or executives.

Easily share with anybody

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And for the metrics or reports that you want clients or team members to have access to, you can create URLs for them to view at any time, without even needing an account.

Supports all your favorite services

Easily lookup your key metrics across all of your most important services. Just connect your service to Apptics and you'll be able to jump between them without having to go to a different website. Click on one of the services below to see what you can lookup.