Welcome to Apptics!

Hi, welcome to Apptics! Apptics has been an ongoing project for us that started as a tool to help run our development and design agency. We have a lot of different clients and projects and need to track and monitor metrics in a variety of places. In meetings with clients, we realized that we were spending too much time hunting and searching for the right piece of data, and not hitting our actual goal: using that data to make informed decisions and drive us to a solution or answer. At first we thought we needed a dashboard to see anything and everything we want from every single of one our services, but then we took a step back and looked at what would be most useful to us each day. We don’t always need to know every detail, we need to know specific details more easily.

And, while it's important it is for us to monitor our performance in all of the services we use, there’s just too much data to gather and read. Most of the time you want to bypass the detailed reports because you only need to know the answer to simple questions like, “How many people visited the site yesterday?” That’s why we created Apptics.

Apptics is a simple tool that let's you connect the various analytics services you use, like Google Analytics, Stripe, MailChimp, YouTube, Shopify, etc., and ask metrics-related questions for all of them in one place. Instead of struggling to find the right place to look for important data points and then going through the hassle of digging into a report for the exact metric you need, with Apptics you can find it by simply asking. It's a great tool for us and we think it can really help anyone running a modern website or app that uses these helpful services, but doesn't necessarily have a grasp on everything that's going on with them. It's a nearly impossible task to accomplish without help and that's why we made Apptics.

In our quest to solve our metrics woes, we've also had to learn what it takes to run successful metrics tracking campaigns and dig into some of the most frequent metric mishaps and questions. We'll be posting articles about advice we've given our clients and sharing some of the mistakes we've made and learned from when tracking metrics. Just as we know that Apptics can make it easier for you to manage your metrics, we hope these articles can give you a better understanding of what metrics to track and what it all means to you and your business.