Is Apptics free?

You have 14 days to try all of Apptics features for free. After that we require a subscription to Apptics to continue using your account. You can learn more on our pricing page.

What services can I connect to Apptics?

You can view all of the services currently supported on our services page. We are also actively working on adding new services so let us know if there's one you think we should add at support@apptics.io.

Why do you need me to connect my services?

Apptics is built to connect all of the services you use to track your metrics and business. Without those service connections, Apptics won't be able to query your metrics and show you results. We don't ever ask for your username or password for those services though. All connections are made through that service's website that in turn gives us permission to view your data, but not your login credentials. You can disconnect a service at any time through Apptics or through the service's website.

What kind of questions can I ask Apptics?

We support all kinds of different questions, it just depends on the services you have connected. You can visit our our services page to see which specific metrics are supported for each service or create an account and just start asking. =)

Can I share Apptics results with other people?

Yes! Whenever you have a query result that you'd like to share, just click the share icon to the left of the query bar. We'll create a URL that you can share with other people without the need to create a new account. That URL will link to the query result and expire in 15 days.

Can I cancel my Apptics subscription?

We'll be sad to see you go, but cancelling your subscription is easy. Just visit your account page to cancel your current subscription. Once cancelled, you will have access to Apptics for the remaining time on your subscription plan and will not be billed again by Apptics.

I don't see the metric service I use. Can you add it to Apptics?

We are actively working on adding support for new services on Apptics so let us know if there's one you think we should add by emailing us at support@apptics.io.